4 Tails Dolphins Barely Blind In Resort Bali

Sofasin - A Resort in Bali offers an object tour very interesting for the visitors. Wake Bali Dolphins, presenting four dolphins in a small pool. But surprisingly, the four dolphins that live in terrible conditions, they are almost blind as a result of the chlorine content in the pool water. Wake Bali Dolphins is located in a Resort at Keramas Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Visitors not only can see the dolphins but also can interact directly, swimming together or kissing their faces. 

Fourth dolphins live in chlorinated pool size of 10 meters. If the managers of the Resort and visitors, dolphin attraction is very interesting and can generate a lot of money, but not for a number of people and organizations who see it as a terrible torture. How not, the dolphins away from their habitats and unsanitary conditions.

Craig Brokensha, a surfer from Sydney, find attractions that surprising that when he was on holiday in Bali. He saw the dolphins surfing beratraksi when he was not far from the location of the Wake Bali Dolphins. He then embarked on a petition through Change.org to cover the sights of the Wake Bali Dolphins. "Since the beginning of the opening in July last year, the Wake Bali Dolphins already drawn protests, but these attractions remain open. This petition is a request to the manager to return the dolphins to a place where they belong "said Craig, as reported by Daily Mail, July 5, 2015. 

Craig said that two years ago, a tourist attraction dolphins have been closed down by the Ministry of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan. And he promised to shut down the websites of other dolphins. But somehow Wake Bali Dolphins back in operation. To the media the Herald Sun, the Wake Bali Dolphins comment on a petition made by Craig. They say that the tourist attraction had been approved by the government and the pool had been checked for feasibility by the authorities.

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